Report: Batman: Arkham VR Listed at $20

A couple of online retailers are just beginning to list preorders and prices for PlayStation VR games, but the biggest one of note is Batman: Arkham VR. Amazon and Best Buy both have this anticipated PSVR game ready for preorder at $19.99.

Batman: Arkham VR is not a remake of any of the previous Arkham games or even an expansion upon them; it’s a completely separate VR experience to literally put players in the shoes of the Dark Knight. Arkham VR will allow players to explore both Wayne Manor and the Batcave, put on the Batsuit, throw Batarangs, and take on a brand new story in the Arkham universe.

In Arkham VR, Batman will pull out all of his Detective mode tricks to track down Nightwing’s killer. For those not as familiar with the Bat-verse, Nightwing was formerly Batman’s very first Robin, Dick Grayson. I won’t go into the comics with who did kill Nightwing and what Grayson is currently up to.

Oh come on, it’s a comic book; do you really expect heroes in any superhero universe to stay dead?

Batman: Arkham VR is set to release on October 13, 2016 exclusively for PlayStation VR.

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