Best Digital PS4 Games

Best Digital PS4 Games of the First Half of 2016

2016 is halfway done, and it has already been a spectacular year in gaming. We’ve seen new games from auteurs such as Jonathan Blow, console versions of PC classics, and surprising indie games that show what a bright future gaming has. There have been so many great games that it has really hard  to keep up.

To help our readers make sure that they’re playing the best games available, I’ve put together a list of the best digital PS4 games of 2016 so far. As the title indicates, only games that were released digitally are applicable (although PS4 games got their own list). Here are the best digital PS4 games of 2016 so far.

As you can see by the list above, it’s been a great year so far for video games. These are only 10 of the great digital releases that have come out this year for PlayStation 4, and many more are on the way. If this isn’t enough games for you, make sure to check out my best retail PS4 games and Vita games lists as well!

Let me know in the comments what the best digital PS4 games of 2016 have been so far, and which releases you are looking forward to later this year.

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