King of Fighters XIV Digital Pre-Order Bonuses Unveiled, Team South Town Introduced in New Trailer

In a press release, Atlus has announced the digital pre-order bonuses for King of Fighters XIV is now live on PSN. Early digital buyers will get two new costumes (Nightmare Geese and Classic Kyo) DLC, and a dynamic KoF XIV dynamic PlayStation 4 theme.

You can check out the trailer of Nightmare Geese and Classic Kyo below.

Additionally, Atlus has also revealed “Team South Town” as well. Team South Town is essentially Team Fatal Fury but the bad guys. Check out the full cast and their descriptions and as well as the reveal trailer below.

Geese Howard – the notorious crime lord from South Town who reminds me of a villain from a popular 1980s karate kids movie. He utilizes the Hakkyokuseiken style, and mercilessly brutalizes unlucky opponents with a mix of electric strikes and throws. Geese is big, bad, and ready to prove that he’s the strongest fighter on the planet by crushing the competition in the tournament.

Billy Kane – The bandana wearing Billy wields a tri-section staff which he uses to teach opponents all about his Bojutsu mastery and affinity for fire.

Hein – ready to fight with his chess inspired fighting style called “Gambit.” When he’s not busy adjusting his glasses and fixing his tie, Hein puts his lanky limbs to deadly use and also appears to control some sort of dark-red energy in combat.

Finally, Atlus has announced that King of Fighters XIV will be in EVO 2016 in Las Vegas! EVO attendees will be able to get some hands-on time with KoF XIV at the Atlus booth, Not only that, but a side tournament is being held this Saturday and entry is free! The top three winners will get $1,400 (1st place), $700 (2nd place) and $350 (3rd place).

To go along with the tourney and hands-on preview for fans, a panel featuring developers and artists from the game will be conducted as well. Fans can also get their King of Fighters stuff signed, Complete schedule has also been given out.

All Day: THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV Freeplay and Tournament Practice Stations
All Day: THE KING OF FIGHTERS XIV Freeplay Stations
12:00 PM – 1:00 PM: SNK Developers Panel
1:00 PM – 1:30 PM: SNK Developers Autograph Session
2:00 PM : Side Tournament (ATLUS Booth) Matches Begin
TBD: Special Exhibition Match
TBD: Side Tournament Top 8
That’s a lot of KoF XIV info to take in all at once, huh? King of Fighters XIV will be out on the PS4 this August 23.