Sony Lays the Smack Down on No Man’s Sky YouTube Videos, Even Those Simply Discussing the Game

YouTube has an algorithm in place that is rather known for aggressively marking videos as copyrighted content, especially when it comes to video games. However, this ContentID system isn’t the only way that videos can be flagged for violations; copyright owners can also manually claim a violation of their content. Sony appears to be doing just that with a few YouTubers, even those who are only discussing the leaked copies of the game.

YouTuber Steven Thomas runs the popular No Man’s Sky Gamer channel, and one of his videos was flagged as violating Sony’s copyright for No Man’s Sky. Thomas explained the strike and what his video actually contained in a rather emotional video. He explained that the No Man’s Sky footage he used in that particular video was not new footage or even footage from an advanced review copy of the game, but previously approved footage that has been used countless times before. He even goes on to say how he doesn’t have an advanced review copy to leak.

Thomas did originally plan to livestream No Man’s Sky for 24 hours after release in order to raise money for the Make-a-Wish foundation. However, Sony slapped down another violation complaint on his video that explained his Patreon and charity livestream plans.

GameInformer reached out to Thomas about these citations, and Thomas provided the following statement:

During this livestream I gave everyone a run through of the new updates from the game’s website. I also gave my thoughts and opinions. Some people would ask me that are not familiar with my channel if what I was showing is new gameplay footage or not and I would clarify to everybody, verbally, that what I was showing is of the old gameplay footage. I am FIRMLY against others violating street date and uploading gameplay prior to release without express written permission.

Due to the copyright violation, Thomas cannot livestream any content on YouTube, forcing him to use another streaming platform for his fundraiser.

Due to this strike I am now unable to livestream on YouTube, which hinders everything I’ve planned for the Make-A-Wish foundation fundraiser. If this is not corrected I will be forced to resort to using Twitch, however I do not have a fanbase and have never livestreamed on this platform so there is a high chance that the funds that could have been raised for the charity will greatly suffer.

Other YouTubers have received similar infractions, and the head of Hello Games is both aware of this problem and working on a solution with Sony.

Fingers crossed Hello Games is able to get this mess sorted out so that Thomas will be able to run his charity stream as planned.

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