2D Beat-Em-Up Super Comboman: Smash Edition Coming to PS4 in Fall 2016

Super Comboman: Smash Edition is coming to PlayStation 4 in fall 2016, developer Interabang Entertainment announced today.

Already available on PC, Super Comboman sees you playing as Struggles, a man with no real skills (he does have a sweet mullet and a talking fanny pack though) who must work odd jobs to help support his family. “Instead of completing his tasks the right way, he ends up busting combos on everything in sight,” Creative Director Justin Woodward explains. “Uppercuts and wall climbs abound, you’ll jiggle, juggle, and jab your way through your coworkers and bosses.”

Saying “there’s no mashing your way through this comic brawler, so stretch those fingers and bring your A game!,” Woodward adds that Super Comboman includes mega manga bosses, classic fighting moves, and the ability to unlock new moves and special attacks by collecting stickers.

“Think Smash Bros. meets the Marvel vs. Capcom series as a platformer,” Woodward says. “The game pays homage to the super-rad, super-combo 2D fighting games of the past.”

[Source: PS Blog]