No Man’s Sky Game-Breaking Bug Reportedly Tied to the Pre-Order Ship

According to reports from players, there’s a game-breaking bug in No Man’s Sky (our review) where those who redeem the pre-order ship at a certain point are unable to build hyperdrives, leaving them stranded in a star system.

As Reddit user McBlurry writes:

If you (the player) finally give in (like I did) to the annoying-ass message in the bottom right of the screen telling you you have unclaimed rewards during a specific part in the tutorial (before receiving and building the hyperdrive), the game will skip over this section of the tutorial completely, and move on like nothing happened, with no hint to the player that anything is wrong. In reality, the player ends up starting the game without the ability to build the essential item that allows you to get around and progress in the game. What basically happens is the player obtains a ship with a hyperdrive, but not through the proper way of finding the blueprint and building one themselves and attaching it to their crashed ship, but just getting it by redeeming the pre-order ship. I guess the tutorial just sees the hyperdrive box checked and moves on, lmao. So you get the one hyperdrive that comes pre-installed in the pre-order ship, and that’s it.

The problem arises later on in the game when you may decide to buy a newer ship. In McBlurry’s case, they went to buy a new ship and noticed it didn’t have a hyperdrive, but figured the hyperdrive on the pre-order ship would transfer to the new one. After purchasing it though, they discovered the hyperdrive didn’t transfer over and they can’t build a new one, leaving them stranded.

Hello Games hasn’t issued a statement on this particular bug, so, if you have access to the pre-order ship, your best bet is to hold off claiming it until after getting the hyperdrive blueprint. If you’ve already claimed the pre-order ship, make sure you have the hyperdrive blueprint before changing ships.

There’s also reports on Reddit of another issue tied to the three slots you have for custom waypoints on the galactic map.

“So let’s say you come across a black hole and you already have all three full with atlas, but decide to go in anyways,” Reddit user Creeper_Jesus writes. “POOOF! You’re now stuck with the waypoints that are at this area several thousand light years away, with three waypoints full. The only way you can get rid of the atlas waypoints is to travel there. Once you have all three, you CANNOT have any more. This means no more help with atlas stations or black holes on your journey.”

Have you experienced any issues in No Man’s Sky?

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