New Image Purportedly Suggests Final Fantasy XV Delay, More “Sources” Confirm Reports (Update)


Final Fantasy XV has officially been delayed. Details here.

Original story:

If you were one of those who were lamenting Gamnesia for publishing the rumor of Final Fantasy XV‘s delay (their comments section are a hot mess) and are vehemently defending its September 30 release date, you might want to stop now and hold your breath until tomorrow at least. Since the publication of the initial report, quite a few websites claimed to have contacted random GameStop stores and employees and tried to debunk the rumor in several ways with the exception of Gematsu. However, Kotaku has now joined Gematsu in saying that they’ve heard from several sources, including a non-retail source, that the delay is real.

Now, whether you love or hate Kotaku aside, the publication is usually pretty spot on with its reports including the famous PlayStation 4 Neo rumor that many chose not to believe. Additionally, Gamnesia has published the image below which, according to them, is currently being sent out to GameStop stores. If this image is real, then GameStop employees will be instructed to change the release date on their standees soon. 

ffxv delay report

A lot of people are claiming that the image is fake but Kotaku has said that it matches the marketing material it has seen. The website goes on to write:

Kotaku has also heard from a separate GameStop source that Square has indeed briefed some people at the corporate level about the new November 29 release date.

A second, non-retail source familiar with the game also confirmed the delay.

Emphasis on the word “corporate level.” Since yesterday, people have been frantically calling their local GameStop stores and personally visiting them to demand answers. Guys, even if this rumor turns out to be fake, do note that the chances of random GameStop employees at store level going on record and being able to give you an accurate answer before embargo are probably slim to none so please spare those folks. Besides, Kotaku claims that most stores haven’t been briefed about the delay yet anyway.

I reached out to our designated Square Enix PR contact and have yet to hear back. It’s a weekend so I’m not expecting a response but considering the amount of emails the company has probably received by now, we expect a statement by tomorrow at the earliest.

Stay tuned for a final word on whether this is all real or an elaborate hoax.

[Source: Kotaku, Gamnesia]

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