Japan Is Getting Two Special-Limited Edition Final Fantasy PlayStation Vita Systems

Sony and Square Enix have announced two brand new special limited edition PlayStation Vitas themed around the upcoming World of Final Fantasy game. The two versions of the handheld, which can be seen down below, are priced at ¥20,980, which translates to about $207.

Both the Primero Edition and Oobito come with the system designed using some of the games’ characters and they also come with an original theme for your Vita’s display. Square Enix is positioning World of Final Fantasy for newcomers and longtime fans by introducing both new characters and some familiar faces from the series.

The game is set in the land of Grimoire, where all the Final Fantasy characters live. The two main characters shown in the announcement trailer–Rain and her little brother–are venturing into the world to battle against and befriend monsters. These creatures have been pulled from all previous Final Fantasy games, giving players a chance to do battle with cute chibi versions of Behemoths and even cuter chibi Chocobo’s.

The World of Final Fantasy PlayStation Vitas go on sale on October 27, but you pre-order them right now.

[Source: GameSpot via Gematsu]