King of Fighters XIV Trophy List and New Team Trailers

Atlus has introduced the last two teams for King of Fighters XIV, which releases just next week. Check out Team Women Fighters above (seriously, that’s the name) and Team K’ below.  Team Women Fighters includes the following female characters:

  • Mai Shiranui, the ninja
  • King, the bartender
  • Alice, the fashionable tomboy

Team Women Fighters are simply a team with girl power, but they don’t have a binding backstory of camaraderie that Team K’ apparently has. 

Team K’ is comprised of elite fighters who used to be members of the nefarious Illuminati-type syndicate known as NESTS.  The team’s presumed leader is the cyborg weapon Maxima who will do everything in his power to shut down the evil organization. This includes assaulting tournament opponents with strikes, grappling moves, and advanced weaponry. You don’t want to mess with him, and his teammate K’ is quite the dangerous fighter as well. While K’ doesn’t have cybernetic enhancements, he has been infused with the DNA of Kyo Kusanagi which allows him to control fire. His self taught pure violence style of fighting, coupled with his affinity for flames, makes him a good teammate to watch your back. Lastly, we have the ice skating ice queen Kula Diamond! Originally trained to assassinate K’, Kula has flipped the script and now joins the fight to bring down NESTS. She’s an extremely dangerous combatant who wields ice powers and fights with an Anti-K’ style (makes sense), and will help the team do whatever it takes to complete their task.

The King of Fighters XIV Trophy List also released, so here’s what you Trophy Hunters need to prepare for that coveted Platinum Trophy.

 Bronze Trophies
  • Aspirations – [TUTORIAL] Clear all subjects.
  • The Birth of a Legend – Clear [story] for the first time.
  • Living Legend – Clear at computer level 5 with no continues.
  • Hmph… An expected outcome! – Acquire rank S or above at the victory screen.
  • Yay! Perfect! – Acquire rank SS at the victory screen.
  • Power of the Champion – Defeat the mid-boss.
  • Sealed Power – Defeat the final boss.
  • Perfect winner! Win 10 matches with a perfect.
  • Straight to the finish! – Win 10 matches without losing a round.
  • Wow! – Perform 50 SUPER SPECIAL MOVES finishes.
  • That settled it! – Perform 50 MAX SUPER SPECIAL MOVES finishes.
  • One hit! One kill! – Perform 50 CLIMAX SUPER SPECIAL MOVES finishes.
  • Combo Attacker – Perform 50 SUPER CANCELS.
  • Graceful Attacker – Perform 50 ADVANCED CANCELS.
  • Ferocious Offense – Perform 50 CLIMAX CANCELS.
  • Weep! Scream! And DIE! – Perform 50 Rush attacks!
  • Student – Enter training mode for he first time.
  • Title Collector – Unlock all titles.
  • Item Collector – Unlock all items.
  • Synchronize your watches at 16:35 – Clear Time Attack for the first time.
  • When you look up at the moon, remember this – Knock person out in Survival
  • You’re tough, aren’t you! – Clear 1 trial.
  • International KOF League Room Creation Board Member – Create 10 rooms.
  • Everybody’s out to get me – Play Single VS for the first time.
  • A Beast of Prey – Play Single VS 50 times.
  • Comrade – Play Party VS for the first time.
  • Reliable Being – Play Party VS 50 times.
  • Teamwork – Play Team VS for the first time.
  • Here We Go, Partner – Play Team VS 50 times.
  • Sweet Taste of Victory – Win a ranked match for the first time.
  • Full-Fledged – Reach Rank 11 or higher.
  • Kyokugen Style Dojo Online Branch – Train online with another player.
  • Hehe, fired up? – Receive your first Fight Bonus.
  • Arch-Rivals by Blood – Finish 10 versus battles.
  • A Good Mach – Share your first replay.


  • Onward to the Next Legend – Clear using all teams.
  • Welcome to My Museum – Unlock all gallery items.
  • Mission Complete! – Clear Time Attack within 4:00.00.
  • Mukuro, Lurking in the Moonlight – Knock 30 or more people out in Survival.
  • Special talent agent!! – Clear 100 trials.
  • I can handle this… by myself – Play Single VS 100 times.
  • Unshakable Trust – Play Party VS 100 times.
  • Old Bond – Play Team VS 100 times.
  • Hey, Mr. #1 in Japan! – Win 50 ranked matches.
  • Peak Performance – Win 5 consecutive ranked matches.


  • No One is Better Than Me – Win 100 ranked matches.
  • Now…no one can stop me – Win 10 consecutive ranked matches.

Platinum – The King of Fighters (All trophies acquired)

[Source: Exophase]