100ft Robot Golf Launches on October 10 for PS4

Developer No Goblin announced today that 100ft Robot Golf will release on October 10 for PlayStation 4 as a digital title. In addition to four-player split-screen and online multiplayer, it includes a PlayStation VR mode where you can ride on top of the robots.

As the title suggests, 100ft Robot Golf sees you playing golf as a 100ft robot in real-time or turn-based action. If you don’t want to play against other people, there’s a solo campaign mode where you’ll learn about the stories of robot golf pilots. “Experience the excitement, romance, and thrills of driving one hundred feet of raw golfing power through some of the cheapest ’90s-inspired mecha animation ever committed to screen,” the description adds.

In the original announcement, it was revealed that you don’t have to worry about your ball getting stuck behind an obstacle, because you’re powerful enough to smash buildings out of the way. No Goblin also said you could choose a pilot that’s five small dogs in a suit, and today they explained how that works:

Project C is a special project put together by Team NGBL, a secret underground organization specializing in unconventional golfing robots. Whereas most robots have one (or occasionally two pilots), Project C is actually made up of five separate robots, each piloted by an adorable puppy. These five dogs piloting five small dog robots form together to create a golfing megadog that may actually be taller than one hundred feet tall. Surely five dogs can beat one human at the robot king’s game that is 100ft Robot Golf?

To help with this dog-based robot golf domination, Project C has a secret weapon. At any time, you can press L1 to summon the Freesword, a mysteriously cheap light-powered broadsword that can cleave any building in half instantly. Is there a building far away that’ll block your shot to the green? Just tap L1 again to throw the sword at it!

A price wasn’t given for 100ft Robot Golf.

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