Xbox Takes Shot at PS4 Over Mod Issue as Phil Spencer Disapproves of “Negative Dialog”

Microsoft has been having somewhat of a field day since Sony’s unveiling of its PlayStation 4 Pro. Earlier this week, the official Xbox Twitter account took jabs at the Pro’s capability and features, comparing it to the Xbox One S. Now, the official Xbox UK Twitter account has updated that very list in a timely fashion, adding that Xbox has the “fastest, most reliable gaming network” as well as “mod support,” referring to Bethesda’s recent announcement regarding issues with mod support on PS4.

Microsoft’s Harry Lyb aka Major Nelson was more direct in his approach, however. “ICYMI: Xbox One owners have been enjoying Fallout 4 mods since May,” he tweeted. 

Phil Spencer, on the other hand, isn’t impressed with what team Xbox is doing on social media. When a user questioned him about the jabs, he said:

I’ve been public about my dislike of the negative dialog. We should stay focused on what we are building for Xbox gamers.

Just yesterday, NPD announced that Xbox One beat PS4 for the second month in a row to claim top spot in the US sales charts. It remains to be seen if Microsoft can keep the momentum going with the PS4 Slim’s release as well as the Pro’s unveiling.

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[Source: Harry Lyb, Phil Spencer (Twitter)]