Check Out 10 Minutes of the Unreleased PS3 Silent Hill Game

In 2006, Climax Los Angeles pitched a new PlayStation 3 exclusive Silent Hill game to Konami with the gameplay snippet from above. The proposed story featured a priest, Father Hector Santos, who leaves El Paso, Texas for a town in Arizona. On the way, his niece Anna calls him for help. We can speculate that things went south from there.

The gameplay would have been what was expected of the Silent Hill franchise, including some combat, exploration, and puzzle-solving. During Father Santos’ journey, the environment would have changed as it slowly became corrupted by the past of the Silent Hill town.

Obviously, as this is an unreleased Silent Hill game, Konami never gave Climax the thumbs up. The studio reworked it to pitch it again as an episodic title for both the PS3 and Xbox 360, and Konami didn’t approve it once again. All we have is what might have been. And we probably won’t have anything else regarding Silent Hill again other than remasters.

[Source: VG24/7]