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Hitman “Fortune Teller” Challenge Pack and Episode 5 Teaser Released

Square Enix and IO Interactive released The Master Fortune Teller Challenge Pack for Hitman today. Each of the five new challenges requires players to disguise themselves as a Fortune Teller while taking down targets.

Future Events: Disguise as the Fortune Teller without killing him.

Seven Years of Bad Luck: Kill 5 targets in 5 different accidents whilst disguised as the Fortune Teller.

It Was an Axeident: Kill 5 targets with an axe whilst dressed as the Fortune Teller.

Wishful Thinking: Kill both main targets in the ‘A Gilded Cage’ mission with a sabre whilst disguised as the Fortune Teller.

Master Fortune Teller: Complete all Fortune Teller Challenges.

Completing the above can net you a total of 23,000 Location Mastery XP alongside the TAC-4 Desert Assault Rifle, which is only available through this Challenge Pack.

We were also shown a teaser for Hitman Episode 5, which you can check out above. Set in Colorado, the upcoming episode will release on September 27.