Clustertruck Available on PS4 Today

No one expects the Inquisition or TinyBuild to pull a sneak release of their quirky game, Clustertruck, on the PlayStation 4. At PAX West, the publisher insisted that the game was only going to release for PC. Today, on its Steam release day, they yell, “Surprise!” and announce its arrival.

Clustertruck is one of the most insane games I have ever gotten my hands upon. The premise is that the “ground is lava” and the only way you can survive is to leap from 18-wheeler to 18-wheeler. These truck drivers drive like they’re half drunk, and the zany obstacles that rain down upon them don’t help in the slightest. Their launch trailer for the PS4 is above, if you need more of a taste of what I mean.

It’s fast-paced, incredibly intense, and also frustrating. At the same time, I refused to put down my controller until I finished at least one level. I came so close to throwing a controller in public. It was ridiculous, and yet ridiculously fun. And it’s available today at the PSN Store for $14.99.