EVE Valkyrie PSVR

EVE: Valkyrie PSVR Exclusives Revealed in Founder’s Pack

EVE: Valkyrie will cross the stars from PC to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR just next month. Those who pick up the PSVR version of the game at launch will be privy to the Founder’s Pack, which has a good number of PSVR exclusives. The PSVR version will include everything already released on the Oculus Rift version of the game, including the recent Carrier Assault update as well as other new content that the developer CCP Games will be announcing this week for Oculus Rift.

One of these exclusives is an S4 Wraith legendary fighter, which has its own special PS4 touches.

With its unique black-and-blue paint job and sleek cutaway wing styling, the S4 will never be mistaken for ordinary. And when you’re in the cockpit, you’ll be surrounded by a custom PS4-themed HUD and interior design. Look closely enough, and you might even notice that the yoke resembles a certain popular game console controller…

And yes, the cockpit does have a PS4 controller at the helm.

EVE Valkyrie PSVR

Other PSVR exclusives include the following:

  • Cobalt Flight Suit
  • Official EVE: Valkyrie Founder’s PSN Avatar
  • PlayStation VR Founder’s Pilot EVE Forum Tag
  • 2,500 Gold

EVE: Valkyrie for PlayStation VR will be available when the VR headset launches on October 13, 2016, both digitally and at retail.

[Source: EveValkyrie]