Crystal Dynamics Talks Revisiting Tomb Raider Multiplayer, Wants Fan Feedback on Co-Op Play

Crystal Dynamics’ franchise creative director, Noah Hughes, has said that the developer is looking at bringing “tomb-raiding into a social space.” In an interview with GamesBeat, he mentioned that the studio wants to know what players think about co-op in Tomb Raider and when asked whether Crystal Dynamics had considered revisiting multiplayer, Hughes responded:

We talk about both competitive and cooperative experiences, definitely. This time around we wanted to play with replayable single-player experiences as well. Through our additional modes, we’ve really been exploring all the different ways we can bring tomb-raiding into a social space. I’m excited to hear people’s feedback. A lot of what we do each time—we hear what resonates with people, what they like and dislike, and going forward we channel some of those learnings into new steps for the franchise.

In the same interview, Hughes was asked about the future of Lara Croft and his response gives the impression that Square Enix has no plans to rest the franchise anytime soon. He said that Lara has a unique and distinct identity and as long as the developers continue to modernize it, they can “continue to have a relationship” with her.

The latest installment in the franchise, Rise of the Tomb Raider, is headed to the PlayStation 4 on October 11.

[Source: GamesBeat]