The Assembly Launches on October 13 for PlayStation VR

Developer nDreams announced today that The Assembly will be joining the long list of games available alongside PlayStation VR next week on October 13. A digital release, it will be priced at $29.99/€24.99/£19.99.

nDreams says they’ve done everything possible to prevent cybersickness in The Assembly, including simplifying the direction of movement in key scenes. With The Assembly designed as an accessible introduction to virtual reality, the player-tested control scheme is “built to ensure comfort with the DualShock 4 wireless controller, enabling you to explore The Assembly’s environments without ever leaving your chair and as comfortably as in a flat-screen first-person game.”

If you’ve never heard about The Assembly before, here’s a short description:

The Assembly is an immersive, interactive story in first-person VR, created for mature audiences and inspired by real-world anxieties. The game centres around the eponymous Assembly, an enigmatic collective that has hidden itself from the world so as to conduct its experiments outside the constraints of government scrutiny and society’s morals. But what secrets is it hiding? What will it sacrifice in the name of progress? That’s for you to discover by taking on the role of two different protagonists, who both have the chance to shake the foundations of this mysterious organisation.

The official site for The Assembly says a non-VR version for PlayStation 4 will also be available, but nDreams didn’t say anything about it today. On Steam, the non-VR version is priced at $19.99, with the VR unlock a $10 add-on.

You can read our preview of The Assembly from E3 2014 over here.

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