Sci-Fi Adventure Game Robinson: The Journey Launches on November 8 for PSVR

A first-person sci-fi adventure game, Robinson: The Journey is releasing on November 8 in North America and November 9 in Europe for PlayStation VR, Crytek announced today. According to the PlayStation Store, Robinson: The Journey is a PSVR exclusive and PSVR is required.

Set on the mysterious extrasolar planet of Tyson III, which is filled with dinosaurs, Robinson: The Journey sees you playing as Robin, a young boy whose ship has crashed on the planet. Working together with robot companion HIGS and baby T-Rex Laika, you’ll solve puzzles, unearth secrets, and try to survive in hostile territory as you search for any remaining crew members.

For nearly 30 minutes of Robinson: The Journey gameplay, and to learn how the game was made, check out the below videos:

A price wasn’t announced for Robinson: The Journey.

PlayStation VR launches tomorrow. Learn about all the games coming out on day one over here.

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