Telltale’s Batman Series Gets Episode 4 in November, Episode 5 in December

Earlier this year, Telltale Games said they were aiming to release all five episodes of Batman: The Telltale Games Series’ first season by the end of 2016, but acknowledged that there could be potential delays. As Telltale announced today though, you won’t have to worry about waiting until 2017 to finish the season, as both Episode 4 and Episode 5 will be out this year.

In their press release celebrating the launch of Episode 3: New World Order, Telltale Games said Episode 4: Guardian of Gotham is launching in November, with Episode 5: City of Lights releasing in December. Unlike previous episodes, they expect the final two episodes this season to ship on all platforms during the same week.

As for Episode 3: New World Order, it released today in North America for PS4 and PS3. In Europe, you’ll have to wait until October 27. According to the PlayStation Store, it’s 2GB on PS4 and 682MB on PS3.

If you have a PC or Android device and have yet to try Batman: The Telltale SeriesEpisode 1: Realm of Shadows is free to download until November 7.

When Telltale Games gives exact dates for Episode 4 and Episode 5, we’ll let you know.

[Source: PlayStation Store]