New Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Video Shows How Moogles Work

October 26, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

In Final Fantasy XV, Moogles are in-game items that, when thrown, act as a decoy and draw enemy attacks until they’re destroyed. With the latest FFXV gameplay video today, Square Enix shows off exactly what to expect when throwing a Moogle, while also showing that some enemies are immune to the decoy effect and your own spells can damage the Moogle.

Square Enix released the new gameplay video in response to reaching a certain number of followers on Twitter. Once they gain 1,000 more followers for the JP account and 4,200 for the EN account, they’ll release a Moogle developer interview.

Another Final Fantasy XV video will arrive early tomorrow, Square Enix has teased. Calling it Omen, and using #OmenFFXV, they say to expect it at 7am PT/10am ET on October 27.

Although Final Fantasy XV was delayed to November 29 to add the day one update up to the disc, it looks like there will still be a day one update. According to JeuxVideo, the first patch will include camera improvements.

What do you think Omen is?

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