Here’s How to Transfer Data From PS4 to PS4 Pro

A large part of the market for the PS4 Pro is existing PlayStation 4 owners, and they will be looking to transfer their games and save data over to their new system. That can seem like a daunting task, but it’s pretty easy once you know what to do. Thankfully, Sony put up a post over at the PlayStation Blog explaining just how to do it.

They broke the process into six simple steps:

  • Make sure the system software on each console is version 4.0 or higher
  • Sign into PSN on both devices
  • Prepare your data for transfer by following on-screen instructions and then hold the Power button down on the regular PS4
  • Connect both consoles together with a LAN cable
  • Select which data (save data, captures, themes, applications, settings) you want to transfer
  • Decide whether or not to make the new PS4 the primary account

It’s great that Sony has streamlined the process for PlayStation 4 owners (and more detailed instructions are at the blog), but there is some data that can’t be brought over. Here’s what can’t be transferred:

  • Any password data – for example, your PSN, Netflix or Amazon passwords. You’ll need to re-enter these on your new console when you sign in.
  • Profile data of any user accounts that have never signed in to your PS4 with a PSN ID.
  • Any un-synched trophy data.

It’s worth noting that nothing will be erased from the existing PS4 during the transfer. It’s merely copying files, not directly moving them. Also, if you’re trading in your PS4 to get a PS4 Pro then make sure to upload your save data to PSN’s online storage. It holds up to 10GB of game saves, so players don’t have to lose all of their progress in games they already own.

Hopefully this will make your PS4 Pro setup as easy as possible.

(Source: PlayStation Blog)