Watch Dogs 2 Seamless Multiplayer Phase Two Now Online, Activates Bounty Hunts & More

November 24, 2016Written by Jason Dunning

After giving us Phase 1 on Tuesday, Ubisoft has announced that the second phase of Watch Dogs 2’s seamless multiplayer is now online on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Phase 2 lets you access these additional multiplayer features: Bounty Hunts can happen seamlessly without the Multiplayer App, Seamless Hacking Invasions, Seamless DedSec Events with other players, and Seamless co-op mission invitations.

The final seamless multiplayer feature, neutral encounters, “will only be activated once we’re fully comfortable with the performance of the core seamless online experience.” A minor feature, neutral encounters let you randomly encounter other players on the street in your world as you explore.

Although seamless multiplayer is now almost fully online, Ubisoft is “continuing to work on making searching for activities through the multiplayer app more reliable, and will continue to monitor online performance.” Asked if it’s possible to hack friends or just random players, Ubisoft replied, “We’re currently working on a fix for the MP App. For now try exploring the world to find those activities seamlessly.” They later added, “Yes, you can invade a friend by going into the MP app, selecting your friend’s name, and pressing the button Friend Invasion.”

Answering some questions on Reddit, Community Developer Chase Straight discussed the one minute grace period after the initial hack is removed. “This was a design decision that was intended to balance the W/L ratio between attackers and victims. We’ll continue monitoring the data, and your feedback, to see if this achieves the intended goal (and adjust if necessary),” Straight said. “For now, you can also try using the drone to initiate the hack from a further distance/better hiding place.”

Straight also confirmed that Ubisoft will fix an issue where Hacker Vision instantly detects the person hacking you.

If you live in Europe, Watch Dogs 2 is on sale through the PlayStation Store, with UK gamers saving 27% on the Deluxe Edition and 18% on the Gold Edition.

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