The PS4 Version of Ark: Survival Evolved Has Passed Certification

Studio Wildcard’s Ark: Survival Evolved has quite an audience on PC, and it looks like PS4 players will get to experience it sooner rather than later. Abstraction Games is the studio handling the PlayStation 4 port, and they recently tweeted out that their hard work had “paid off” and that they “nailed” the PS4 builds. After a reader asked if the game had passed certificiation, the developer clarified their tweet and said “you got it!”

This is great news for players that have been waiting for the open-world survival game to come to consoles. The game, which is primarily played from a first-person view, allows players to ride dinosaurs, build bases and attempt to tame dangerous creatures. It features both solo and multiplayer components.

Since the PS4 version is now ready for release, this led to some eager gamers to ask if a December release is possible. Abstraction Games said that decision wasn’t entirely up to them, so it’s still unknown when the game will release. December isn’t typically a great time to release a game, but more major releases have come out right before Christmas in recent years. It very well could follow that trend.

Either way, the wait won’t be for much longer. Are you excited to check out Ark: Survival Evolved when it hits PlayStation 4? Let us know in the comments below.

(Source: Twitter)