Star Wars Battlefront 2 “Focused on Delivering Single-Player”

Star Wars Battlefront 2 will look to be better in every aspect from its predecessor, and that includes a more fully fleshed out single-player mechanic. While Electronic Arts and developer DICE have discussed the mixed reaction from fans in the past, they’re finally talking about the sequel’s single-player fans a bit. The latest information comes from Electronic Arts’ Justin McCully, who appeared on the Achievement Oriented podcast.

Here’s some of what McCully had to say about using 2015’s release as a building block, and why single-player is important (transcription via Gamespot):

“The focus of the first game was to nail the core multiplayer experience of what DICE does great. That was the strategy of that title. And now as we expand in the universe we have better sense of what characters are coming into play, what stories we can tell, what stories are maybe being told in a film versus a game, that’s where we’ve really ramped up the interaction with the [Lucasfilm Story Group] to bring those games to market.

We heard the fans loud and clear that the multiplayer was great, but it wasn’t enough and they wanted that complete package. So the team has been very focused on delivering that single-player element.”

McCully also shared some very interesting thoughts about the challenges of making Star Wars games, and why adapting the films wouldn’t be the best idea for them. “You need player agency,” revealed McCully. “Gaming is not linear. You need to give the player some choice and have them tell their own stories. That’s different from a linear story that’s presented in film or TV. A character that you’re helping to define.

There’s even more interesting quotes from McCully about Star Wars Battlefront 2 over at the Achievement Oriented podcast (including why Star Wars 1313 won’t be revived), so definitely give it a listen if you’re looking to learn more about the upcoming 2017 release.

(Source: Achievement Oriented via Gamespot)