Final Fantasy XV Director: “2017 Is a Year of Giving Back to Everyone for Their Kindness”

January 2, 2017Written by Jason Dunning


Looking back at the year that was in his New Year message on the Square Enix Blog, Final Fantasy XV Director Hajime Tabata said, “In 2016, we were able to deliver Final Fantasy XV to everyone at long last.”

Not only that, but Square Enix was also able to accomplish the goals they set out to achieve in Final Fantasy XV, including four fully voiced languages, subtitles for 12 languages, and a global simultaneous release date. Additionally, they delivered the Kingsglaive CG movie, the Brotherhood video series, and the Justice Monsters Five mobile game.

Because of the strong support for everything from fans, Tabata says 2017 will be a year of giving back:

We, the FFXV team, were able to achieve these things because of the warm and strong support of our fans.

I have decided that 2017 is a year of giving back to everyone for their kindness.

There are many players enjoying FFXV in various ways, and nothing makes us happier than this.

To provide a long-lasting and even more enjoyable experience with FFXV for everyone, we will continue to update the game and release DLC.

The Holiday Pack was just released by Square Enix, and their 2017 plans include multiple paid DLC packs as well as free updates that add gameplay enhancements for Chapter 13, more story scenes, readability tweaks, new bosses, and more.

[Source: Square Enix]

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