Injustice 2 Gameplay Trailer Introduces Doctor Fate, NetherRealm Talks Gear

Warner Bros. and NetherRealm announced today that Doctor Fate is the newest addition to Injustice 2’s roster. You can see a preview of his moves in the above gameplay trailer.

Doctor Fate’s description hasn’t been added to the Injustice website yet, but the official Twitter account did say, “Sorcerer Kent Nelson wears the Helm of Fate and sees the fate of all mankind, for better or worse…”

In his tease for Doctor Fate yesterday, NetherRealm Creative Director Ed Boon said, “Tomorrow we have a really special Injustice 2 character announcement & game-play trailer. A great example of a deeper DC roster fighter!”

Discussing gear with PlayStation Access in a new video, Injustice 2 Designer Derek Kirtzic responded to a question about micro-transactions. “You cannot buy gear with real money,” he explained. “You cannot buy chests with real money. Everything that you want to do to equip your character the way you want, you earn in-game. You’re going to constantly earn coins in-game through grinding, playing whatever it is to be able to purchase those chests. You do not purchase chests with real money, or gear with real money.”

You can learn more about unlocking gear beginning at 7:30 of this video:

On the PlayStation Blog, Sony’s Sid Shuman gave a brief overview of gear:

There are two main ways to earn gear: conquering opponents in online and offline modes, or by purchasing Mother Boxes using gold earned from matches.

Gear revolves around four main body parts — head, chest, arms, and legs — plus an “accessory” (think Harley Quinn’s pistols). Most gear you collect will buff at least one of your four base stats: Strength and Ability determine the offensive power of basic attacks and special moves, while Defense and Health dictate how much damage your superhero can absorb.

Injustice 2 releases on May 16 in North America and May 19 in Europe for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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