MLB The Show 17 Trailer Teaches You the Road to The Show

In this latest video for Sony San Diego’s MLB The Show 17, we get to take a look at the highly praised sport sim’s most famous modes, Road to the Show. If you’re not familiar with how it works, think of it as an RPG-lite that focuses on baseball instead of saving the world.

Customize your player, make tough choices, and chase the big leagues in one of The Show’s most prolific modes. The team has taken their first steps towards a bold new direction for Road to the Show, the third-person baseball RPG, guiding a baseball player on a personal journey through the professional baseball world, going from a newbie in the minors to becoming a legend in the majors.

If you’re not a fan of Road to the Show, MLB The Show 17 will also feature a “Retro Mode” where players can get some throwback baseball gaming goodness.

Set for release this March 28 exclusively for the PlayStation 4, our MLB The Show 17 will review will be going up to bat before release.