Mass Effect Andromeda: BioWare Responds to Feedback, Promises to Share More on April 4

It’s no secret by now that BioWare’s latest RPG, Mass Effect Andromeda, has its fair share of bugs that need squashing. While the patches released so far haven’t really tackled the game’s main technical issues (animation issues), BioWare isn’t oblivious to it.

In a message posted on its official Twitter, BioWare has issued a message to Mass Effect Andromeda fans thanking them for the support, acknowledging some of the “critical” feedback, and saying that the studio will share more this Tuesday, April 4.

Let’s hope this means that we’ll see a significant patch that can fix some of Andromeda’s nagging technical issues, no? If you’re still undecided on whether to get it or not, check out our Mass Effect Andromeda review, and maybe see what BioWare has to say this April 4 before deciding.

[Source: BioWare (Twitter)]