Dragon Quest Heroes II PS4 Demo Available Now on the PlayStation Store

Ahead of Dragon Quest Heroes II’s launch later this month, Square Enix has released a free PlayStation 4 demo, which you can grab from the PlayStation Store (North America, Europe). Expect it to be around 4.8GB.

With the demo, you’ll be able to play as Lazarel, Teresa, Carver, and Maribel in specially-designed quests, Square Enix says:

The demo gives players an early chance to play as four of the 15 playable heroes from the full game’s story mode, including series newcomers Lazarel and Teresa, along with fan favorites Carver (Dragon Quest VI) and Maribel (Dragon Quest VII). Players will experience the game’s fast-paced battle system, expansive environments, and abundant treasures through specially-designed quests where they must defend Greena Pastures from hordes of monsters and a colossal boss.

Square Enix didn’t say if anything from the demo would transfer over to the full game.

Dragon Quest Heroes II launches on April 25 in North America and April 28 in Europe for PS4 and PC. By pre-ordering the game, you’ll receive the Day One Explorer’s Edition, which includes 15 in-game bonus weapons. Additionally, pre-ordering through the PlayStation Store gets you a PS4 theme, a Dragon Quest 1 Hero Costume, and a Healix the Hero recipe for Dragon Quest Builders.

When the Western release of Dragon Quest Heroes II was first announced, Square Enix said, “… unfortunately, the Vita version just isn’t a viable option for us to localise and bring over.”