PSLS Help Desk – PlayStation VR Care and Maintenance

PlayStation VR has been out for more nearly half a year now and with nearly one million units sold, Sony is sure to push their newest platform at E3 coming up in just a couple of months. When the platform originally launched last year we gave you a couple of PSLS Help Desk articles about setup of the head mounted display and general FAQs to educate the uninformed.

Whether you’ve had a PSVR headset since launch or just managed to pick one up, we here at PlayStation LifeStyle advocate for the proper care and maintenance of your expensive electronics, so we’re bringing you a PlayStation VR care guide based on Sony’s own recommendations for making sure that your PSVR headset lasts a long time.

Handling the Headset

The headset should always be handled with two hands. Trying to put it on our adjust the visor with one hand increases the risk of dropping or otherwise breaking the headset. Make sure to only handle the headset from the headband (it’s the load bearing portion) as opposed to the visor.

When you put it on, make sure the fit is right so that it doesn’t move while you are playing. For health reasons, avoid making the headband too tight. Before removing the headset, pull the visor away from your face using the adjustment button underneath.

Clean the headset lenses using the included microfiber cloth. Do not use liquids or cleaners of any kind, and make sure that the microfiber cloth is clean itself before using it. If you do not have the original, you can get suitable replacements at any eyeglasses supply store or similar. You can clean the rubber eye guard by removing it and cleaning with soap and water. Make sure that it is completely dry before reattaching.

Don’t leave the headset anywhere where the lenses could be left in direct sunlight. Do not disconnect the PSVR headset while any of the blue tracking lights are on. While it may seem like common sense, don’t set the headset anywhere that it might get stepped or sat on, and don’t stack anything on top of the headset.

Maintaining the Processor Unit

The processor is an electronic device that needs to be in a well ventilated area to prevent overheating. Occasionally wipe down and vacuum the dust from the processor, but do not use the included microfiber cloth, which is intended for the lenses only. If you do get an overheating warning, power off the PS4, PSVR headset, and processor unit for at least 30 minutes or until it cools down. Keep slack in the cable to prevent strain on the connections and minimize the possibility of tripping.

If you follow these steps your PSVR headset should last a long time and give you the opportunity to play whatever awesome games Sony unveils at this year’s E3.

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