Nioh PvP Mode Detailed, Will Feature 1v1 and 2v2 Battles

The next major piece of DLC for Team Ninja’s Nioh called “Dragon of the North” is coming out in less than a week and in the latest issue of Famitsu, an interview with the game’s director reveals a few details on the game’s upcoming PVP mode which comes out alongside the new DLC.

According to the interview with Nioh Director Yasuda Fumihiko, the PVP mode of Nioh will feature both a straightforward 1 vs 1 mode, where the first player to win two rounds wins the match, and 2 vs 2 battles. In 2 vs 2 battles, teammates can revive each other which adds to the mode’s challenge.

The PVP mode will also have multiple stages with some stages featuring special gimmicks. Lastly, items and skills from the single player mode will mostly be usable in PVP although some items will have adjusted properties for better balance in PVP.

As previously mentioned, the PVP mode of Nioh comes out alongside the Dragon of the North DLC which is scheduled for release on May 2.

[Source: Reddit]