Tech Enthusiast Repairs Nintendo PlayStation Prototype and Gets It to Work

Back in 2015, someone discovered a rare Nintendo PlayStation console in a box of stuff belonging to his father. Dan Diebold’s discovery immediately caught attention and prompted Shuhei Yoshida to reveal that he actually played games on the console – only 200 of which were ever manufactured.

Fast forward to 2016 when engineer and tech enthusiast, Ben Heck, was handed the console to take it apart and see if he can get it to work again. Yesterday, he revealed in a new episode of The Ben Heck Show (embedded above) that it’s finally working.

Homebrew game developers have been attempting to create games for the console since figuring its specifications out, and they seem work on the machine albeit not perfectly.

“No one has actually made games for the Nintendo PlayStation prototype,” says Heck who was successfully able to run Super Boss Gaiden that was programmed for an emulator.


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