Player With Early Copy of The Surge Reveals Its Size on PS4

Deck13 Interactive’s action RPG, The Surge, doesn’t release until May 16 but copies of the game have already leaked at retail in some regions. Reddit user DevilTakoyaki got a hold of the game early and has revealed that its download size is a meager 5.79 GB on the PlayStation 4, with v1.01 taking up 230MB.


Worth noting that Deck13’s Lords of the Fallen was also quite small in size on the PS4 initially but subsequent patches bumped the game’s size up, which is what’s likely going to happen to The Surge as well. However, if you manage to grab a disc right now, this is what you’ll get.

We were previously told that The Surge‘s day-one update will add PS4 Pro support and will be followed by another update post launch that’ll add HDR support.

DevilTakoyaki also shared some screenshots from the game, showing off its various options. You can check some of these out below (click to enlarge) and/or find the full set on Imgur.

the surge 1 the surge 2 the surge 3

“This game is exactly like Dark Souls with Virus (1999) movie theme,” wrote the Redditor who seems to be enjoying it so far.

In case you missed it, the game’s trophy list is already out, which you’ll find here.

Alongside the PS4, The Surge will be out for the Xbox One and PC.

[Source: Reddit]