Final Fantasy XV Update 1.10 Adds a Survey Asking What You Want in Future Updates & DLC

With the new Final Fantasy XV update today on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, Square Enix has added an in-game survey that asks what content you would like to see added in future updates and DLC. The survey will be available until the end of June, which is when the next update is scheduled to launch.

You can only vote once in the survey, and Square Enix says items that receive many votes may be added to Final Fantasy XV in the future. Here’s the full list of options (spoilers ahead):

  • Story Content: Ardyn’s Past
  • Story Content: Lunafreya’s Activities
  • Story Content: Cor’s Activities
  • Story Content: the line of Lucis
  • Story Content: Ifrit’s Betrayal
  • Story Content: The World of Ruin
  • Story Content: Noctis’ Disappearance
  • Playable Character: Cor
  • Playable Character: Aranea
  • Playable Character: Iris
  • Playable Character: Lunafreya
  • Playable Character: Gentiana
  • Additional Mode: Hard Difficulty
  • Upgrade: Improved Armiger Abilities
  • Upgrade: New stat-changing magic

And here’s the full list of patch notes for Final Fantasy XV update 1.10, which is 3.6GB on PS4 and 5.8GB on Xbox One:

  • Implementation of a survey regarding future updates (available until end of June 2017)
  • Addition of a [new “Stinky Tofu” recipe based on a survey conducted with players from Taiwan]
  • Announcement of winning snapshots from second photo contest (viewable at Takka’s Pit Stop in Hammerhead)
  • Resolution of an issue that caused the game to crash when accessing Timed Quest leaderboards
  • Various bug fixes

Players are reporting that the Armiger Glitch is no longer permitted in Timed Quests.

On Tuesday, May 30, you’ll be able to download a free Trendy Outfit for Noctis from the PlayStation Store.

What will you vote for in the survey?

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