Hitman Getting New Content Later This Month

While Hitman developer Io-Interactive had to undergo layoffs just last month, the studio isn’t making players suffer for this tumultuous time. Over on Twitter, Io-Interactive announced a road map of content rolling out for Hitman this June.

For June, Hitman will get Escalation Contracts, Featured Contracts, a new Elusive Target, balance tweaks and more.

The first content to arrive on 2nd June will be two Escalation Contracts, one in Sapienza (Landslide) and another in Bangkok;

– The Spaggiari Subversion is the first Escalation Contract on the ‘Landslide’ Bonus Mission and challenges you with 5 different stages. Expect three different targets, some weapon and disguise restrictions and a few other surprises.

– The Asya Attunement is the fourth Escalation Contract to be added for Bangkok and the five stages include complications involving shotguns, laser tripwires, exterminators, enforcers and kill streaks. Have fun!

Alongside the two Escalation Contracts, 10 new Featured Contracts will be added to the game. Each one has been created by the Hitman Community and has been hand-picked for inclusion in the game. This month, we tip our contract-creating hats in the direction of ILikeGAMESish, DangerDogGuy, Mr Freeze, Ed ll3, The1AndOnlyLegoAlex, theWizard, Euler 13, Urben, SpeedsterRunner14 and Silverballer550.

Our June content will be released over a few different dates. That means later in June, there’s more content to come. Elusive Target #25 is the penultimate ET, and will arrive in Hokkaido before the month is out. The White YukataSpecific timings and the first visuals will be released later this month.

Finally, we are planning a game update for this month. This update will be mandatory for all players and we’re very excited to talk about what it includes. Again, we’ll have details to share and full release notes for this update later this month.

With this kind of support, it’s a good thing Io-Interactive will retain the rights to the Hitman franchise even if the studio finds a new publisher to call home.

[Source: Io-Interactive]