Here’s 15 Minutes of Knack 2 Co-Op Gameplay

The PlayStation LiveCast team was able to play Knack 2 yesterday, letting you see the drop-in/drop-out co-op in action. You can watch the full video featuring platforming and combat above, but if you’re just interested in gameplay, skip ahead to 0:57.

Creative Director Mark Cerny explained how easy it is to change your size in Knack 2:

Similar to the first game, Knack grows in size as he picks up parts, he can be anything from human sized to many times larger than that – but now the player has some control over Knack’s size, just tap R1 and he shrinks down to two feet tall! This leads to gameplay with a rather different feel, whether it be squeezing through tight gaps in a platforming section, or scaling a cliff using narrow ledges, or even using Knack’s discarded parts as a counterweight in a puzzle.

Here’s a rundown of what else to expect from Knack 2:

  • Classic Platformer Action – Knack’s size-shifting ways comes into play with classic platforming action, allowing players to take advantage of his abilities in order to move past revolving platforming sequences.
  • Co-Op Mode – Join in on the fun with an engaging two player co-op mode, which offers a variety of special two-person combo moves. Co-Op mode also allows players to seamlessly enter or leave the game at any given moment.
  • Family-Friendly Adventure – From longtime nostalgic platform era enthusiasts to newcomers alike, Knack 2 features accessible and vibrant gameplay for players of any skill level.
  • Dynamic and Robust Combat System – With over 20 moves including flying kicks, boomerang attacks, powerful body slams, a barrage of multi-punches, and even parrying enemy attacks right back at them; Knack will continue to expand his skillset as players progress throughout the game.
  • Engaging Puzzles – Challenging and diverse puzzles will force players to take advantage of Knack’s various ever-moving parts; whether it’s utilizing his size-shifting abilities or implementing the right move at the perfect time.

Knack 2 will also have an increased resolution on PS4 Pro.

Knack 2 releases on September 5 for PlayStation 4 in North America and Europe, priced at $39.99 USD.

[Source: PlayStation Blog, PlayStation]