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E3 2018 Dates Confirmed as ESA Considers a Change In Location for Future Events

As E3 2017 begins to wind down for another year, the show’s official attendance has been revealed.

This year’s showcase attracted approximately 68,400 people, according to the Entertainment Software Association, 15,000 of which gained entry via public tickets, a first for the annual trade event. That’s up from last year’s figure of 50,300, prompting talks of a possible change in location. Per GameSpot, it’s understood the ESA is now mulling over the possibility of relocating future E3 events unless Los Angeles Convention Center upgrades the facility to accommodate more people, such as increased floor space.

The ESA is yet to disclose whether it plans to sell public tickets to next year’s event, but should that change in location occur, it won’t be until 2019 at the earliest, as E3 2018 has been booked in for June 12-June 14 at the LA Convention Center.

What do our readers think about the future of E3? Drop your thoughts, comments, and concerns in the usual spot below. E3 2018, meanwhile, will return to the LA Convention Center on June 12 of next year.

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