Bandai Namco Aiming to Release Identical Version of Code Vein in All Regions Simultaneously

Producer Keita Iizuka and director Hiroshi Yoshimura have revealed that Bandai Namco is aiming to release the same version of Code Vein across the globe and that the developers want to accommodate a global audience.

In an interview with Dengeki Online (translation via Gematsu), the duo also revealed that they want to release the game worldwide on the same date.

“We want to make a game that will excite and be enjoyed by players around the world,” said the developers. “Moreover, we took the recent game market into account and thought we should make a title that will launch us into worldwide recognition.”

When asked if there were any aspects of the game they considered adjusting for players outside Japan, Iizuka and Yoshimura said that they don’t think there’s any difference between Western and Japanese gamers in terms of “the nature of dungeon crawling RPGs and their experience with them.” “And so based on that, we will make final adjustments for the overall direction based on a single standard,” they explained.

Code Vein is headed to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2018.

[Source: Dengeki Online via Gematsu]