Rumor: Visceral’s Star Wars Game Will Give Players a Partner in Crime

Visceral’s upcoming Star Wars game, supposedly codenamed Project Ragtag, was one of the titles people were disappointed to not hear any details of at E3 but recently rumors about the game have been popping up, revealing some of the game’s alleged details. The latest to hit the rumor mill is that the game’s protagonist, recently rumored to be named Dodger, will be accompanied by a supposed female partner-in-crime, at least according to a report from

The woman, named Robie Mattox, is a gunslinger in her early thirties and one of the few people Dodger can trust. She is an orphan who grew up under the wing of the Wandering Star crime family and she has an unusual dislike for droids. Supposedly more than just a sidekick, Robie is allegedly the game’s “other main hero” and is planned to be the main protagonist in a sequel.

Based on unreleased concept art, Robie is reportedly either played by or is based on actress Natalie Morales (The Grinder, Parks and Recreation). Her get up consists of a cropped leather jacket, a white v-neck shirt, and dark pants with a Han Solo-style holster on strapped around her right leg. According to the report, her look somewhat resembles that of another Star Wars female, Dr. Aphra.

Check out the full report here. Again, all these are unverified so we’ll have to wait until an official announcement or reveal to confirm any of this information. Visceral’s Star Wars game currently has no release date yet but it is scheduled to come out sometime next year.