Hob Releases on September 26 for PS4 & PC

First announced two years ago, Hob from Runic Games (Torchlight) is releasing on September 26 for PlayStation 4 and PC, the developer revealed today. Pre-ordering saves you 10% off the regular price of $19.99, and you’ll also receive an exclusive World Raise dynamic theme.

A single-player action-adventure game, Hob is set in a world that’s a puzzle, Runic’s Wonder Russell explains:

You’ve seen some impressive in-game footage of land masses shooting out of the mechanical depths to fall and lock into place. But did you know the whole world of Hob is this way? Forests, dungeons, meadows, and areas we’ve kept super secret can only be accessed once you raise or activate those parts of the world. Want a hint about one of the (unannounced zones) you’ll be discovering? Make sure you watch to the end of our release day trailer above, but we warn you… spoilers!

Russell continued by talking about upgrading your weapon:

Along your journey, you’ll collect sword shards in the world and be able to upgrade your weapon. But where you get them just might be more intriguing than how. Dotted throughout the world are the Fallen Soldiers – cloaked figures with a silhouette not unlike your own, kneeling beneath a patina of age and rust. Around you are the ruins of a civilization, so what happened to these Fallen Soldiers? And could you possibly be related? You’ll have to play to uncover the mystery!

Runic is also running a contest where you can name one of the Trophies/Achievements and get your name in the credits (and a free copy of the game if you live in the US) as a result. More details are on their blog.

[Source: PlayStation Blog, Business Wire]