Allen Snider Announced for Arika’s New Fighting Game

Arika has announced a new fighter for The Mysterious Fighting Game, and it’s none other than Allen Snider. Allen is a character from Street Fighter EX, the iconic series’ first foray into the 3D graphics realm. He joins fellow Street Fighter EX fighter Skullomania and others in the growing roster.

Get a look at Allen in action in the trailer below:

While this new game may still not have an official title, you can read up on all the all of the other characters’ official backstories if you wish:


  • Having lost his memory, he is now locked in an endless battle with other powerful warriors.
  • Garuda has been following Kairi around the globe, feeding on the powerful spirits Kairi releases in battle.
  • He is Nanase’s brother, and Shirase’s half-brother.


  • The true identity of the assassin Hokuto, after being freed from the seal placed on her.
  • With her final will she erased Nanase’s memories in order for her to live a normal life.
  • Having lost the ability [to] feel her emotion, her only mission now is to kill Kairi.


  • A living corpse acting as the vessel for a countless number of powerful souls; he is made up of lingering grudges and resentment.
  • Originally existing only to fight, in the flames of battle his sense of self became twisted and he turned into a monster that seeks to devour all other powerful souls.
  • Once, a great warrior sacrificed his life to seal Garuda away, but after resonating with a powerful “dark energy,” he was reborn.
  • A descendent of the Hayate clan once sealed Garuda in his own body, but was eventually taken over and became the new vessel.
  • With the energy released during Kairi and Shirase’s battle, Garuda was able to resurrect himself once more by feeding on the spirits of powerful warriors.


  • After finding re-employment in a very good position, he is living a productive life as a Salaryman.
  • However, he is troubled by the fact that he has no recollection over the recent Skullomania appearances.
  • That doubt has given birth to new powers.
  • He has a pet dog named Pochiro


  • The Undefeated Champion of Indora Pro Wrestling.
  • After the God of Indora spoke to him in a dream, Darun resigned from his role as Purun’s bodyguard and made his way to Japan.
  • He was utterly defeated by Garuda and left on the verge of death, but he was protected and saved by Gougi.
  • He is now a man completely determined to face Garuda once again and defeat him.
  • Incredibly Hot-blooded.

The Mysterious Fighting Game (title a work in progress) will release in 2018.