Sonic Mania Is the Highest-Rated New Sonic Game in 15 Years, Official Twitter Account Says

On Twitter yesterday, the official Sonic account revealed that Sonic Mania is the highest rated Sonic game in the franchise in the last 15 years, according to Metacritic.

Sitting at an 86, Sonic Mania outscores Sonic Colors (78) and Sonic Generations (77), and only sits behind 2002’s Sonic Advance (87) and 2001’s Sonic Adventure 2 (89), provided you don’t count iOS/3DS re-releases.

We reviewed Sonic Mania earlier this week and praised its new stages and replay value.

The Sonic Twitter account also recommended Undertale – which came to PlayStation this week – after Toby Fox expressed his excitement for Sonic Mania:

Digital Foundry took a look at Sonic Mania, and discovered that it runs at native 2160p on PlayStation 4 Pro with “no blurring, no upscaling, no filtering.” The other versions run at a maximum of 1080p.

With the critical success of Sonic Mania, do you think SEGA should make more 2D Sonic games?

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