With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy Out Today, Naughty Dog Thanks Fans for Their Continued Support

With Uncharted: The Lost Legacy launching today in North America (and tomorrow in Europe) for PlayStation 4, directors Kurt Margenau and Shaun Escayg went on the PlayStation Blog to deliver a thank you note to fans of the franchise.

After mentioning that Nathan Drake’s story concluded 15 months ago, the pair talked about whether Naughty Dog could make an Uncharted without him:

To us, Uncharted has always been about the ensemble. Over the years, we’ve spent time with many colorful allies and adversaries, each with their own quirks and personalities. We love that everyone at the studio has their own favorite Uncharted character, so we saw this new project as an opportunity to take characters we love and shine a spotlight on them, to really give them the full Uncharted treatment. At Naughty Dog, we don’t embark on a project unless we think we have a story worth telling and new challenges to tackle. With Chloe Frazer and Nadine Ross, we knew we had something special, and the team was on board to dip in for one more helping of adventure.

Margenau and Escayg later thanked everyone for their continued support:

We at Naughty Dog thank your continued support that allows us to make the games we love, with the characters we adore. We couldn’t be more proud of this game, and we hope you have room in your heart for another Uncharted hero.

If you missed the Countdown to Launch livestream last night with Claudia Black, Laura Bailey, and members of the dev team, you can watch the whole thing above (starts at 10:11).

You can read our review of Uncharted: The Lost Legacy over here, with a lockboxes guide over here.

Don’t forget that Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy also launches today on PS4 (it’s free to those who pre-ordered The Lost Legacy). Naughty Dog’s other Jak games are expected on PS4 later this year.

Will you be playing The Lost Legacy this week?

[Source: PlayStation Blog]