Dynasty Warriors 9 Sees the Return of Sun Ce, Jia Chong, and Ma Chao

September 1, 2017Written by Kite Stenbuck

Dynasty Warriors 9 returning Characters - Sun Ce, Jia Chong, Ma Chao

Koei Tecmo has revealed three more returning characters for Dynasty Warriors 9 today, which are Sun Ce, Jia Chong, and Ma Chao, on their website. You can read more information about the characters right below.

Sun Ce

Dynasty Warriors 9 returning Characters - Sun Ce

Sun Ce (courtesy name Bofu) is the eldest son of Sun Jian. He succeeded his father who died early in a battle against Liu Biao’s army. After receiving a sizable army from Yuan Shu in exchange for the Imperial Seal found by Sun Jian’s group, Sun Ce went on a campaign to conquer the Wu territory, which would later become the main region of the Wu Kingdom, which ruled by his brother Sun Quan who succeeded him following his untimely death.

Sun Ce is a brave leader brimming with vigor. He feels joy on fighting by himself using his own weapon, and added with the above feats, he was eventually known as the Little Conqueror. He is a sociable man who has an open and natural personality, and he does not discriminate others. He built the foundation of Wu by gathering talented people, starting with his childhood friend, and later sworn brother, Zhou Yu.

Although most Dynasty Warriors fans would relate Sun Ce with his iconic Tonfa weapon, his Dynasty Warriors 9 render unexpectedly implies that he will not retain the Tonfa, and will instead use a weapon very similar to Zhou Cang’s Mowing Blade in this game. This is not the first time Sun Ce lost the Tonfas though, as he had also lost it once before in Dynasty Warriors 6.

Jia Chong

Dynasty Warriors 9 returning Characters - Jia Chong

Jia Chong (courtesy name Gonglu) is the son of a Wei retainer Jia Kui, who is not only an able general but is also skilled at politics. The famous Wei strategist Sima Yi discovered his talent and put him as a confidant for his own sons Sima Shi and Sima Zhao. Jia Chong would outlive both of them and serve Sima Zhao’s son Sima Yan, who would later formally found the Jin Dynasty and ultimately manage to unify China.

Jia Chong was first added as a playable character in Dynasty Warriors 8, with a pair of Tomahawks as his weapon in that game. However, his Dynasty Warriors 9 render above implies that his weapon is being changed to Throwing Spears, which would be the same weapon used by Man Chong, who is newly added in this game.

Ma Chao

Dynasty Warriors 9 returning Characters - Ma Chao

Ma Chao (courtesy name Mengqi) is the eldest son of Ma Teng, the governor of Xiliang, and is famously known as one of the Shu Five Tiger Generals. He was also most famous for leading an army against Cao Cao at the Battle of Tong Gate in a rage due to the latter having murdered Ma Teng and most of his family members, although the ploys of Cao Cao and his strategists would cause Ma Chao to lose the battle, and later also his family’s territory in Xiliang.

Ma Chao is a passionate young warrior with an abundance of emotions. With his straight personality and outstanding mobility, he swings his Spear in order to walk on the path he believes in.

Dynasty Warriors 9 will be released exclusively for PlayStation 4 in Japan and China, but North America and Europe will be also getting it on Xbox One and Steam. No release date has been announced yet, but since Dynasty Warriors 9 has been confirmed to get a major coverage at Koei Tecmo’s booth in Tokyo Game Show 2017, perhaps we can expect an announcement to be made there.

[Source: Koei Tecmo]