the witcher 3 10 year anniversary

Celebrate The Witcher 3 10 Year Anniversary With PAX Panel and Video

This year marks the 10 year anniversary for The Witcher franchise, and CD Projekt Red celebrated in style by hosting a panel at this years PAX West to highlight the series as a whole. The panel featured unreleased, behind-the-scenes footage from the development of the series, as well as some great interviews with the developers behind the games.

You can view the entire panel below:

CD Projekt Red also helped celebrate the anniversary by releasing a short video that that featured series protagonist Gerald reminiscing about the history of the franchise.

You can view the 10 year anniversary video below:

For a studio that has forever dedicated its products to the fans, it’s a great gesture to see a character we’ve grown along with thank us for coming on the journey with him.

In case you’ve somehow missed out on The Witcher 3, make sure to check out Chandler Wood’s review of the game:

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is truly an incredible masterpiece. The writing and building of the world alone should be lauded as some of the best in video games. Stories weave in and out of one another surprisingly. The consequences of every decision are far reaching and unpredictable while also making complete sense once they happen. The world is organic, dangerous, and fun to explore. There is a true sense of reward and accomplishment. While minor design choices keep it from being absolutely perfect, The Witcher 3 will go down as one of the best games of this generation of consoles.