The Witcher 4

The Witcher 4 Will Aim to Please Series Fans and Newcomers Alike

CD Projekt RED has said that The Witcher 4 will target the franchise’s fans as well as newcomers. The studio aims to build a new community and wants the next chapter to be an appropriate entry point for those who aren’t familiar with the previous games.

CDPR wants The Witcher 4 to set the bar higher than The Witcher 3

Game Director of the new Witcher saga, Sebastian Kalemba, told Lega Nerd in a recent interview that CD Projekt RED is mindful of the time that has passed between the previous Witcher games and the upcoming title, which he says will take “a few years” to release. As a result, the studio doesn’t want to limit its audience by only targeting those who are familiar with the franchise.

“We want to continue in the same direction we had taken, but we don’t want to play the same game,” Kalemba said, adding that CD Projekt RED will continue with the same elements of lore as well as the universe but will “innovate” in a way that The Witcher 4 will welcome newcomers.

“It is clear that we have to try to please a new audience,” Kalemba continued. “We cannot target only the audience who is already fond of the saga. We also need to create a new community, and on this, I think I can say that it will be an excellent entry point for many players.”

Kalemba added that The Witcher 4 will aim to set the bar higher than its universally-praised predecessor.