Things to Know Before You Start Knack 2

Launching today, players will finally be getting their hands on the action-platformer Knack 2. Before you start, we wanted to make sure that you knew a few things to help your experience be a little more enjoyable. You’ll want to pay attention to potential upgrades, new moves you earn, and even what unlocks after completing the game. Here are our Knack 2 tips, the things you should know before you jump into the game.

As the sequel to 2013’s Knack, the second game has improved in every way possible. Mark Cerny and his team took great care to make sure every criticism from the first was addressed, and then went even further. My review lauds it as a shining example of the genre.

Knack 2 is an improvement on the first game in every way possible. Mark Cerny and his team have proven that they can take criticism, iterate on it, and then give players even more for their money than was expected. Launching at an exceptionally friendly $39.99 is even better when you consider that Knack 2 feels like a much bigger game than the first. Knack 2 plays it safe, but it does so in the best way possible. It’s not an innovative action-platformer, but it stands as an example of an incredibly polished and fun example of the genre. In many ways, it feels like playing the PlayStation 4 for the first time again, only this time, I’m happy to say that Knack delivers. It seems that Mark Cerny still has a knack for creating mascot action-platformers.

Do you have any other tips for players just jumping in to Knack 2? Do you plan on earning the Knack 2 Platinum trophy? If you’ve got any Knack 2 tips or hints for other players, feel free to add them to the comments below, and stay tuned for more guides and tips from PlayStation LifeStyle.