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Sci-Fi Cinematic Platformer, Orphan, Gets New Trailer

Developer Windy Hill Studio has released a new trailer for its 2D sci-fi cinematic platformer, Orphan, which you can check out above. In development since 2014, the game was successfully Kickstarted in 2015 and is expected to release on PC soon followed by consoles and other platforms.

Here’s an official description of the title:

Orphan is about a young boy, presumably the sole survivor of an overnight alien invasion.

You will sneak across the countryside through open fields and dense forests, over dangerous mountains and through lush valleys, ducking behind rocks and trees all while being pursued by an army of machines designed to destroy all life. However, the machines have their weaknesses and they carry powerful weapons that may be able to be used against them.

Orphan is a classically-styled 2D action platformer with an emphasis on stealth, item discovery and strategic combat. As the game progresses, the player will become more powerful and gameplay will become more action oriented.

Orphan draws inspiration from the classic 2D games of gaming’s golden era. It focuses on immersive gameplay, visuals and atmosphere, and channels classics like Another World, Blackthorne and Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysey, with a touch of Journey to Silius.

We’ll update our readers when a release date for consoles is announced.