Overwatch Halloween Terror Event Teased by Blizzard, Starts October 10

Blizzard does love keeping details of their live events close to their chest. While everyone has been speculating about what the next Overwatch event will be, evidence pointed to another Halloween event, especially after they did a repeat of the Summer Games event from last year too. Today on Twitter, Blizzard teased the upcoming Halloween event with a short video, giving us a look at the name, date, and a couple of new costumes for McCree and Reaper. You can see the video and tweet below.

The Overwatch Halloween Terror event has very few details so far–only that it releases on October 10–but if it follows the formula of last year’s festivities, we’ll be seeing a horde mode for some of the heroes, as well as new character skins, sprays, intros, and emotes. It’s expected that Blizzard will also do something similar to this year’s Summer Games by offering last year’s Halloween event items in addition to the new loot that will be available.

If you’ve yet to get into Overwatch, our review lauds it as one of the best character shooters on the market, and I would argue that the distinction still stands today, more than a year after its initial release.

With accessibility to spare, a real commitment to diversity and an infectious sense of innocent fun, Overwatch feels like an important game — the sort that can bridge boundaries in the oft-segmented gaming community. I don’t think I’m exaggerating when I say that this may just be the project to revitalize lapsed or disheartened gamers’ interest in the medium, or the one to bring new players onboard the FPS wagon. So many big games unintentionally put up a wall, implying through their communities, marketing or even gameplay, that they are only for one kind of player or another. Overwatch, on the other hand, makes no mistake in identifying its audience: anyone and everyone that wants to take a shot. It’s ironic to imagine a title about a fragmented team fighting amongst itself serving as a big unifier, but that might just be what we need. At a time when the division between our hobby’s constituents seems more visible than ever, Overwatch reminds us that we’re more alike than different — if we let them, games can bring us together. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s something well worth fighting for.

Are you going to be trying to get some of the new loot in the Overwatch Halloween event? Remember that Mercy’s entire kit was recently changed, making her a vastly more interesting hero to play, and updating some of her trophy requirements.