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Read How God Eater 3’s Gameplay & Settings Will Drastically Change

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Still fresh from last week’s official reveal of God Eater 3, the Weekly Famitsu magazine has extensive first coverage of the highly anticipated new game. The highlight is a long interview with the IP general producer Yusuke Tomizawa, general director Hiroshi Yoshimura, and God Eater 3‘s producer Yuya Tomiyama, all from Bandai Namco. We have early excerpts of the interview courtesy of Hachima, which we have translated right below.

God Eater 3 Famitsu interview

First of all, the team would like to apologize for the three years of inactivity after the release of God Eater 2 Rage Burst which was released in Japan in February 2015 (or two years if you count God Eater Resurrection which came out in October 2015).

After finishing development on GE2 Rage Burst, the team had to rethink on the appeal of God Eater series and what their users are desiring. After looking at the responses, the team faced a condition where the current God Eater has detached quite far away from what the fans have been really desiring.

Although they will obviously take God Eater 3 to an evolution, the team (Tomizawa in particular) has been looking for market prospects including foreign expansions, because both GE2 Rage Burst and GE Resurrection had been highly valued overseas. The team also decided to go back to the original gameplay of God Eater where players should feel good on fighting enemies at a speedy pace.

God Eater 3 world setting

God Eater 3 will take place after GE2 Rage Burst, in the vicinity of Fenrir headquarters (which is located in Finland). However, as of God Eater 3‘s timeline, the headquarters will be already ruined, and the overall world settings, as well as the positions of God Eaters, will have changed greatly.

As God Eater 3 takes place in a new country (unlike the previous games which took place in the Fenrir Far East branch of Japan), all fields are being newly created from scratch. As with past God Eater games, fields are still being seamlessly designed, but the sizes will be much larger than before. Vertical design is also being implemented, as many field will feature various elevations.

God Eater 3 gameplay

Although God Eater 3 hasn’t been announced for any specific consoles yet, the team has teased that it is being developed with home consoles as a basis. After developing it on PC, they would then port it to home consoles. Multiplayer features will also be evolved to fit in a way that’s more enjoyable in the current [technological] period. So there is also a possibility for new gameplay methods other than the usual four-people multiplayer.

God Eater 3 will also have new enemies with different abilities from the usual Aragami monsters, and they can even launch Predator attacks on the player, which if successful will give them power boosts and thus put the player at a big danger.

God Eater 3 protagonist

While past God Eater games had been depicting God VS Human battles, the protagonist in God Eater 3 is signaled to be godlike as they have God Arc gauntlets on both of their hands as opposed to one. Thus it is being teased that God Eater 3 will have more God VS God battles instead. Other than the newly added dual-wield God Arcs, there will be other new types of God Arcs added, as well as new gameplay features that will be used by players to stand against the giant enemies.

Finally, they made a mention of the recently revealed mobile game God Eater Resonant Ops, which will fill in the story between GE2 Rage Burst and God Eater 3. However, the team assured players that they don’t need to play Resonant Ops in order to enjoy God Eater 3‘s story.

For those who missed the initial reveal, you can watch the official announcement trailer of God Eater 3 right below.

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